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Getting Into The Film Industry is Hard

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Success in the film industry takes hardwork, grit, and a little bit of talent. But it also takes knowledge and experience. This Masterclass is designed to prepare you and put you in front with the fundamentals of film scoring, but also some advanced techniques using the latest technology. We will teach you everything from how to read the edit of a film, spotting picture, writing cinematic melodies, Hollywood orchestration, creativity, and surviving the business of film scoring. In just weeks, you'll be ready to succeed in your first film scoring job.

Intense and Comprehensive

This Course Prepare's You for the Intense Lifestyle of Film Composing

  • 9 Hours of Video

    Dig into highly detailed and immersive video where Chris explains both the fundamentals and his paths to success in the film industry. He covers how to spot, create dramatic melodies, and write in such a way that your score sells itself.

  • 64 Lessons

    Over 64 Lessons in 17 Chapters help you quickly identify and find the content that best suits your goals. This program will help you easily find the program the next time around.

  • Project Lessons and MIDI Files Provided

    At the end of every Chapter, Chris provides MIDI projects and follow-up study so you can really dig into practicing what you just learned. You can submit questions so our community can respond back!

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • The Tools You Need (Getting Started)

    • Survey - Before You Begin

  2. 2
    • About Film Music

    • Context & Film Music

  3. 3
    • Find Your Goya

    • Story & Tone

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
    • Melody

    • Motif

    • Examples of Motif

    • Motif in Melody

    • Elements of a Great Melody

    • Melody Mechanics

    • Flexibility

    • Melodic Interest

    • Theme & Motif

  8. 8
    • Modulations (Why They Matter)

    • Interesting Modulations

    • Soft & Hard Dissonance

  9. 9
    • What is Dramatic Spotting?

    • Why I Don't Read Scripts

    • The "Big Picture" Strategy

  10. 10
  11. 11
    • Orchestration

    • Key & Color

    • Use of Range

    • Reinforcement for Size

    • Aleatoric Scores

    • Personal Advice (Part 1)

    • Personal Advice (Part 2)

    • The Hollywood Sound

    • The Hollywood Sound (Instrumental Balance)

  12. 13
    • Working With Filmmakers

  13. 14
    • Budgets & Recording

    • Recording Session Preparation

  14. 15
    • Creativity, Originality & You

  15. 16
  16. 17
    • Conclusion

    • Post Masterclass Survey

Instructor: Chris Thomas

Composer for Film, TV, Theme Parks & TED Speaker

Composer, Instructor

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas is a composer for film, television, theme parks, and a TEDx speaker. His scores have been nominated for a Film & TV Music Award, and he won the Gold Medal Prize at the Park City Film Music Festival, and Best Film & TV Music award at eWorld Music Awards. Chris has written music for several Emmy-nominated films, and for Woman Rebel, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award. In television, he works as a composer, orchestrator, and conductor networks such as ABC, FOX, CBS and HBO. Chris’s work can be heard in theme parks all over the world. He has written music for the Evermore Adventure Park, Knott's Berry Farm, Queen Mary Chill, Dreamland Theme Park (UK), Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, and many more. Chris’s works for the concert hall have been performed from Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, to the Hollywood Bowl. His works are published by FJH Music, Wingert-Jones, and Carl Fischer. He recently premiered a series of concert works in France, Belgium, and Germany. His Symphony #1 (the Malheur Symphony) was the subject of a TED Talk in 2019. More information on Chris Thomas can be found at - www.christhomasmusic.com

What Others Have to Say

Transformed My Approach to Film Scoring

Grace M

Chris transformed my approach to film scoring, guided me along the path of embracing my authentic musical voice, and helped open doors of opportunity to success and fulfillment in this industry. I can't recommend this course enough!

Now I know What to Look For

Maria K

This course totally changed the way I look at film music. The idea that a film composer is the primary narrator of the story and that the music is the best way the audience can see into characters' heads is really instrumental to the way I write. Now I know what to look for on-screen to really motivate my composing.

Confidence to Do an Assignment

Vivian Khor

Thanks to the course, it gave me the confidence to do an assignment and glad for this opportunity.


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